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Jinja Safari and Kinfe – Silence of the Guns

This is such an amazing project. Paired with a great cause, and my love for Australian music, I’m so excited to promote this project. The Key of Sea series is aimed at bringing together some of Australia’s best and musicians who have had to leave their countries of heritage for safety. The first taste of the upcoming The Key of Sea is a collaboration with favorites of The Record Stache, Jinja Safari, and an asylum seeker from East Africa, Kinfe. The track is titled Silence of the Guns and the outcome is an extremely powerful and hopeful piece of music. It’s an inspirational call for peace matched with a fantastic tribal pop backdrop. The Key of Sea Volume 2 is out October 19th and all profits go to¬†Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL). I’ll definitely be getting my hands on a copy. Preorder here.


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Grab Your Hats! We Are On A Jinja Safari!

One night I was perusing YouTube, clicking on links after listening to a song with curious sounding band names and titles of songs. You know, just for kicks. I clicked on a band called Jinja Safari, and the song was called Forest Eyes. The song started with some light drumming and a very light melody with a simple guitar line with some nice spacious sounds in the background with very calming vocals, almost making me think I was in a forest hanging out and this was playing in the background. This jaunty little tune put me on a “safari” of my own to find more music from this group. (yeah…I was hesitant about that pun but decided to use it anyways)

I then found the song Mud, and that song was even better!!!! This one had more of that awesome spacious sound in the background. The next discovery was Hiccups, and that was just a pleasure to my ears. The album Locked by Land is actually a compilation album from their EP’s. After listening all the way through, I deemed this album a necessity of ownership. Each song has these little surprises, that seem like they were gift wrapped just for you! So with that note, I am not going to spoil much more about their songs or anything and let you (the listener) go on that safari of your own (did it again…) and discover this wonderful world of sound Jinja Safari has created for the world!

Jinja Safari – Mud

Jinja Safari – Errol Flynn