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Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

I have been highly anticipating Two Door Cinema Club’s new album, Beacon. The official release date isn’t until September 4th, but the band has kindly offered Beacon to be streamed in its entirety a week and a half early. I just finished listening through it, and I’m pretty impressed. So far, The World is Watching is my favorite track, but I’m sure that the more I listen, new favorites will be made. No surprise really, but Beacon is packed full of catchy, indie pop jams. I couldn’t ask for anything more from Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore effort. It’s a strong follow up to Tourist History.

BEACON by Two Door Cinema Club

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Jinja Safari and Kinfe – Silence of the Guns

This is such an amazing project. Paired with a great cause, and my love for Australian music, I’m so excited to promote this project. The Key of Sea series is aimed at bringing together some of Australia’s best and musicians who have had to leave their countries of heritage for safety. The first taste of the upcoming The Key of Sea is a collaboration with favorites of The Record Stache, Jinja Safari, and an asylum seeker from East Africa, Kinfe. The track is titled Silence of the Guns and the outcome is an extremely powerful and hopeful piece of music. It’s an inspirational call for peace matched with a fantastic tribal pop backdrop. The Key of Sea Volume 2 is out October 19th and all profits go to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL). I’ll definitely be getting my hands on a copy. Preorder here.


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Video: ShyBoy – Bird in Flight

Bird in Flight is the first single from the upcoming album from ShyBoy, Water on Mars. It starts off very low and quiet, and then starts building up into something of its own. ShyBoy’s voice starts very low and deep and ends up soaring by the end of the song. His voice is the Bird in Flight. That’s the only way to put it! The visuals for Bird in Flight are a fantastic addition to the song’s beauty. The simple, yet slightly mysterious, imagery perfectly matches the song’s tone. I’m going to keep listening and wait patiently for the album’s release. If Bird in Flight is any preview to Water on Mars, then I think the world is in for something truly spectacular, and I cannot wait to be engulfed in that.

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The Invincible Summer – Runaway / To The Sky

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a new Australian band to support. Like I’ve said so many times on this site, the best music is coming out of Australia. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the best of luck finding a new favorite Australian band. That was, until The Invincible Summer introduced themselves to me. Started by Matt James, the Sydney collective is a round-up of some of the area’s best musicians. The outcome is a band that embraces the signature warmth heard in much of Australia’s indie pop, with their singles Runaway and To The Sky. Packed with epic choruses and memorable verses, The Invincible Summer’s music is destined to get stuck in your head. If their upcoming album lives up to anything close to the great sounds heard in Runaway and To The Sky, plan on hearing The Invincible Summer quite often.

Runaway by theinvinciblesummer

To the Sky by theinvinciblesummer

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Freelance Whales – Locked Out

From: First Song For Your Mixtape

So I recently listened to this fabulous band, a five piece of independent ocean dwelling mammals from Queens NY, and couldn’t get enough of their track ‘Broken Horse’ which has Elliot Smith levels of enchantment to it. Cool story you’re thinking, but wait it gets even better. A follow up album to their gorgeous 2009 release ‘Weathervanes’ is set for release on October 9th and to whet your appetite you can trade your email address for single ‘Locked Out’. That my friends, is a very fair swap indeed because what you get is a mellow 5 minutes of swirling textures and uplifting vocals that sets the bar high for whatever is to follow on ‘Diluvia’ in a few months time. You can download ‘Locked Out’ for free via their official website here…

Freelance Whales – Locked Out by Freelance Whales

Also, here’s Broken Horse, which isn’t free but you should totally buy because it’s splendid…

Freelance Whales – Broken Horse by Freelance Whales

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Dan Bodan – DP / Aaron

I’ve been meaning to get you familiar with Dan Bodan for close to a week now, but it has managed to continually slip my mind every time I get around to writing posts. Dan Bodan’s music finds itself somewhere between ’60s space lounge and James Blake-esque experimental pop. It’s almost eerie how Dan croons over erotically chill backdrops of sound. For example, his single, DP, seems as if it was made to cue in a forbidden love affair. The included audio samples heard throughout, greatly intensifies the mood that has been set. Aaron further adds to the off-putting feel that comes through in Dan’s music. It’s clear that Dan uses his music to tell stories. Both DP and Aaron unfold as if they are scenes taken from a feature film. You may love Dan Bodan’s sound, or you very well may hate it. However, one thing that you cannot deny, is that it makes you feel something. His music brings out a specific emotion and places you within a story, and that’s pretty impressive.

DanBodan – DP by Dan Bodan

DanBodan – Aaron แอรอน 아론 by Dan Bodan

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Gypsy & the Cat – Sorry

Gypsy & the Cat’s debut album, Gilgamesh, was one of my favorite releases of 2010. I unfortunately had to find an illegal download for it in some dark, seedy back alley of the internet, since Gypsy & the Cat were virtually unknown in America at the time. Now, the band is preparing the release of their sophomore album, and with Sorry as the lead single, it sounds like Gypsy & the Cat have another winner on their hands. Gone is the spacey-ness heard throughout Gilgamesh, and added is the warmer, organic, tribal sound that I have come to associate with Australian music over the past couple of years. One thing that Gypsy & the Cat hasn’t lost in between albums is their ability to make original, quirky pop songs that immediately grab your attention. Sorry will be available to download on iTunes on August 17th.

Sorry by Gypsy & The Cat

– Matt