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Jinja Safari and Kinfe – Silence of the Guns

This is such an amazing project. Paired with a great cause, and my love for Australian music, I’m so excited to promote this project. The Key of Sea series is aimed at bringing together some of Australia’s best and musicians who have had to leave their countries of heritage for safety. The first taste of the upcoming The Key of Sea is a collaboration with favorites of The Record Stache, Jinja Safari, and an asylum seeker from East Africa, Kinfe. The track is titled Silence of the Guns and the outcome is an extremely powerful and hopeful piece of music. It’s an inspirational call for peace matched with a fantastic tribal pop backdrop. The Key of Sea Volume 2 is out October 19th and all profits go to Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL). I’ll definitely be getting my hands on a copy. Preorder here.


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Neonfaith – Tied Together

As far as I’m concerned, Neonfaith is a band that holds true to their word. They sent their new single, Tied Together, to my email and promised that it doesn’t suck. I sampled the track, half-way hoping to prove them wrong, but it turned out that they were absolutely right. Besides, it’s impossible to hate the heavy, tribal infused percussion tracks that are layered throughout Tied Together. Neonfaith’s sound is clearly influenced by hip-hop with it’s deep rhythm and loops, but everything else is slightly experimental, indie electronic. The cherry on top of the sundae, are the absolutely lush vocals provided by Neonfaith’s soulful singer, Megan. This is definitely a band to keep a sharp eye on.

Tied Together by Neonfaith

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Gypsy & the Cat – Sorry

Gypsy & the Cat’s debut album, Gilgamesh, was one of my favorite releases of 2010. I unfortunately had to find an illegal download for it in some dark, seedy back alley of the internet, since Gypsy & the Cat were virtually unknown in America at the time. Now, the band is preparing the release of their sophomore album, and with Sorry as the lead single, it sounds like Gypsy & the Cat have another winner on their hands. Gone is the spacey-ness heard throughout Gilgamesh, and added is the warmer, organic, tribal sound that I have come to associate with Australian music over the past couple of years. One thing that Gypsy & the Cat hasn’t lost in between albums is their ability to make original, quirky pop songs that immediately grab your attention. Sorry will be available to download on iTunes on August 17th.

Sorry by Gypsy & The Cat

– Matt

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Bravestation – Giants & Dreamers

It’s been a long road for Bravestation. It’s kind of been a long road for me, too. I’ve been a big fan of the band since their first EP released back in July of 2010. Now, the day has finally come! Bravestation’s debut album, Giants & Dreamers is finally available for the world to hear, and it is definitely worth the wait. I’m not going to be straightforward and say that Giants & Dreamers is a full blown concept album, but there is an obvious underlying theme here. Throughout your listening experience of Bravestation’s fantastically warm, tropical, tribal, indie pop you will notice the subject matter of eternal youth brought up quite a bit. The theme of being forever young pairs so perfectly with Bravestation’s signature sound. Giants & Dreamers is curious, playful, fun, mesmerizing, and entirely unique to any other tropical/tribal pop album out right now. The album is simply made for exploring. Don’t be surprised if you end up seeing Giants & Dreamers on a lot of “Best Of” lists towards the end of the year. It’ll definitely be on mine. I’ve been heavily listening to the album for the last couple of months and it just gets better with each listen. Trust me on that.

I feel so fortunate that the band’s manager, Nick Law, has actively kept me updated with everything about the band leading up to this release. It’s so great to be supported by people involved in great music. It’s even greater to be supported by people involved with one of my favorite bands.

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Video: The Other Tribe x Kidnap Kid – Don’t Need No Melody

Clearly the good people over at Anorak London know what I like to listen to, because this song that they sent me this morning is really hitting the spot. Above, I’ve provided the video for Don’t Need No Melody. This is a taste of the collaboration of The Other Tribe and Kidnap Kid that is set to release in a few days, on July 2nd. Don’t Need No Melody is an excellent mix of electronic dance and tribal pop. The video itself is full of awesomely animated patterns that really help add to the tribal feel of the song, thanks to The Other Tribes visual guru, Hicks. Long story short, if you’re a fan of Get People‘s music, then you’ll highly enjoy Don’t Need No Melody. You can grab The Other Tribe and Kidnap Kid collab EP over at Black Butter Records this upcoming Monday. Feel free to download the track below.

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Video: Bravestation – Western Thrills

If I have yet to make you a fan of Bravestation by now, then clearly I’ve been doing something wrong. The band has just released the video for their latest single, Western Thrills. The theme of Western Thrills seems to go hand in hand with the one portrayed in the previous single, Signs of the Civilized. The lyrics, “Let the tribe keep us young,” that are sung in Signs of the Civilized are brought to life in Western Thrill’s visuals. I don’t usually copy and paste the descriptions provided in the emails sent to me, but there is no possible way for me to better, and correctly, describe the visuals seen in Western Thrills.

“The children in the video are believed to be the adopted sons and daughters of a philosophic artisan, who predicted the degradation of what was commonly misconceived to be a ‘modern civilization’. His prophetic words fell upon deaf ears – ultimately leading to him being exiled by his own people onto a remote island with dense forests somewhere off the Western Shores. The young tribe must protect themselves and their island from external threats that come in the form of an aging generation of hunters and gatherers who threaten to ruin what is most sacred to them: their land, life and way of thinking.”

So far, Bravestation is building an excellent reputation for providing high quality, and high concept, music videos.The next time you see me talking about Bravestation will most likely be on July 10th when their album Giants & Dreamers officially releases… unless anything new comes up between now and then.

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The Griswolds – Heart of a Lion

Last night while I was fast asleep, The Griswolds premiered their new single Heart of a Lion on the world’s best radio station, Australia’s Triple J. The downside of living in a US timezone. Anyway, the last time we’ve heard from The Griswolds was their amazing debut track, Mississippi. Heart of a Lion is another ultra catchy, upbeat jam that pairs nicely with Mississippi. The new single proves that The Griswolds are no one trick pony, and that they have a great, original sound. Hectic, tribal/tropical inspired, indie pop is the best stuff out right now, and The Griswolds are showing that they’re one of the top bands with that style. Now I just need a full length album, or at least an EP, because The Griswolds are way too good to only have two singles.