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Natural Child – Mother Nature’s Daughter

This isn’t the first time that the name Natural Child has been mentioned on this site. These guys always seem to have a new release of some form on the horizon. In a span of 6 months, the Nashville garage rock trio has dropped a full length album titled For the Love of the Game and announced another upcoming album titled Hard in Heaven set to release on September 11th. Now, as of today, Natural Child also has a limited edition 7″ vinyl. The vinyl features A-Side, Mother Nature’s Daughter, and B-Side, Bodyswitchers Pt. II. I can’t vouch for the B-Side, because I’ve yet to hear it, but Mother Nature’s Daughter is one . Natural Child never ceases to surprise me with their sound. It’s always layered with a heavy, garage feel, but everything else is always different. One song you’ll be hearing some ’70s classic rock, and on the next there will be some ’50s influences. With Mother Nature’s Daughter, the band adds a bit of folk that really brings Natural Child back to the roots of rock and roll. Head on over to Jeffery Drag Records to grab your copy on vinyl, because you know you want that sweet howlin’ wolf album art in your collection.

Natural Child – Mother Nature’s Daughter by audibletreats

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The Electro-Rock of Emma

Based out of North London, Emma has been secretly playing gigs around the city since their formation earlier this year. In such a short time, the band has really perfected their sound. Emma’s songs sometimes borderline hard rock, but are quickly brought back to a more welcoming soundscape thanks to layers of backing synths and hazy vocals. It’s an excellent combination of post punk, shoegaze, and synth pop. At points, Emma’s songs almost become chillwave, but manages to contain enough power to keep you fully alert and rocking. With tracks packed with this much energy, don’t expect Emma to be hanging out in London’s underground too much longer. Their debut, Purple Trees EP, is soon on its way, so stay on the lookout for that project. Keep up with Emma on Facebook, and while you’re there show some love to The Record Stache.

Purple Trees and the Green Rain by Emma music

Serulean Fades by Emma music

Perfect Blue by Emma music

Kisameen by Emma music

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Hot Chip – Night and Day (Dead Rock Machine Remix)

With so many producers trying to make it this day in age, it’s getting harder to stand out and bring something new to the table. However, Dead Rock Machine doesn’t seem to think so. They bring a flawless new remix that sparks the funky side out of me, and I like that. Their style reminds me of something as great as the ’96 Bulls, mixed with a hearty helping of electronic sounds. I really enjoy this remix, and I hope you will too! Make sure to like Dead Rock Machine on Facebook, and while you’re at it check out The Record Stache on Facebook as well.

– Alejandro Crisp

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Amba Shepherd – Soldier (Alex Engstrom Remix)

After our last post on the up and coming Swedish duos such as Dada Life, Tjernberg and Steerner we’ve brought you another dose of some Swedish love and his name is Alex Engstrom. His latest remix of Amba Shepherd brings a unique twist to the track, bringing great vocal chops, big synth progressions and beautiful piano chords. The Soldier remix will have you putting your hands up and seemingly clicking the replay button. Make sure to ‘Like’ Alex Engstrom on Facebook as he is a new artist. Enjoy!

Amba Shepherd – Soldier (Alex Engstrom Remix) by Alex Engstrom

 -Alejandro Crisp

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It was only a week ago that I featured Ummagma‘s debut albums, but I figured that the Canadian-Ukrainian duo deserved another feature. Back in July, Ummagma pulled a bold maneuver and decided to release not one, but two, albums as their introduction to the music world. It’s hard enough to get a lot of people to listen to one full album in a single sitting nowadays, so two albums at once is a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, they’ve been getting quite a bit of good press, and the albums have been picking up some steam. I sat down and listened to both albums back to back before I wrote my original feature, and the payoff was an extremely rewarding listen. So I decided to go ahead and feature some select tracks from both Ummagma’s self-titled album and Antigravity just in case there’s anyone out there who may be somewhat leery of diving into two full length albums. If you’re even the slightest bit interested, then you should really head on over to Ummagma’s Bandcamp to immerse yourself within 24 songs of pure bliss.

Kiev by Ummagma

Autumnmania by Ummagma

Risky by Ummagma

BFD by Ummagma

Human Factor by Ummagma

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Icons of Andria – Land of Relics

I’m a bit late on keeping you updated with Icons of Andria‘s latest addition to their ongoing story of the android. The latest entry to the sci-fi concept series is Land of Relics. The new song seems to take place far into the future, with Andria looking back upon long ago memories of her and the boy from the previous installments. Has the entire tale turned out to be a flashback all along? This story keeps getting more intriguing and mysterious with each new release. To catch up on the previous songs that make up the story of Andria, head on over to Icons on Andria’s Tumblr. There, they also provide an in depth backstory to each song.

Land Of Relics by IconsOfAndria

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Video: ShyBoy – Bird in Flight

Bird in Flight is the first single from the upcoming album from ShyBoy, Water on Mars. It starts off very low and quiet, and then starts building up into something of its own. ShyBoy’s voice starts very low and deep and ends up soaring by the end of the song. His voice is the Bird in Flight. That’s the only way to put it! The visuals for Bird in Flight are a fantastic addition to the song’s beauty. The simple, yet slightly mysterious, imagery perfectly matches the song’s tone. I’m going to keep listening and wait patiently for the album’s release. If Bird in Flight is any preview to Water on Mars, then I think the world is in for something truly spectacular, and I cannot wait to be engulfed in that.