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Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon

I have been highly anticipating Two Door Cinema Club’s new album, Beacon. The official release date isn’t until September 4th, but the band has kindly offered Beacon to be streamed in its entirety a week and a half early. I just finished listening through it, and I’m pretty impressed. So far, The World is Watching is my favorite track, but I’m sure that the more I listen, new favorites will be made. No surprise really, but Beacon is packed full of catchy, indie pop jams. I couldn’t ask for anything more from Two Door Cinema Club’s sophomore effort. It’s a strong follow up to Tourist History.

BEACON by Two Door Cinema Club

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Video: Sole Grunt – Now She’s Alone

Sole Grunt recently released some visuals to go along with his latest instrumental track, Now She’s Alone. I’m going to go ahead and assume that the situation that we’ve stumbled onto here, is that this girl is recently single. All signs seem to point towards it. Then again, maybe she just really hates stuffed animals. I’m not here to judge and break down people’s emotions. I just provide good music for your ears. So sit back, enjoy Sole Grunt’s smooth production, and watch this chick demolish an innocent little teddy bear. Download Now She’s Alone for free, below.

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Jinja Safari and Kinfe – Silence of the Guns

This is such an amazing project. Paired with a great cause, and my love for Australian music, I’m so excited to promote this project. The Key of Sea series is aimed at bringing together some of Australia’s best and musicians who have had to leave their countries of heritage for safety. The first taste of the upcoming The Key of Sea is a collaboration with favorites of The Record Stache, Jinja Safari, and an asylum seeker from East Africa, Kinfe. The track is titled Silence of the Guns and the outcome is an extremely powerful and hopeful piece of music. It’s an inspirational call for peace matched with a fantastic tribal pop backdrop. The Key of Sea Volume 2 is out October 19th and all profits go to¬†Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival and Sudanese Australian Integrated Learning (SAIL). I’ll definitely be getting my hands on a copy. Preorder here.


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The Hit List: New Weekly EDM Bangers

Music is growing so quickly with the internet, and passionate fans want the hits first. We’ve decided to bring you every week or so, a dose of big electronic bangers that are going to be taking you, and the club, by storm. Be ready to hit the club, throw your hands up and take on the ride of your life. But seriously, we hope you enjoy these tracks as much as we do, and are proud to brighten your day with them. This week we have got so much madness going on! With Hard Rock Sofa dropping their brand new track, which is strait fire, and who better then Dirty South & Alesso previewing there brand new track, City of Dreams. We’ve also got a fresh new remix from Afrojack, as well as Kryder and Tom Staar remixing Afrojack “Can’t Stop Me Now.” If you like Deniz’s Bong, then Kryder and Tom Staar have made a track just for you. It’s similar but brings its own unique flavor to the table. Finally we’ve got DJ M.E.G killing it with his original track Stock-holm, that reached top 10 on Beatport and will be bringing down clubs everywhere. Enjoy these tracks!

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Alejandro Crisp

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New Artist Alert: Moiez

Moiez is a 20 year old DJ/Producer hailing from British Columbia, Canada. Right now, Moiez is absolutely killing it. His signature progressive house tracks capture your attention, effortlessly keeping you wanting more and more. It’s clear to me that Moiez is here to stay, and 2012 will end up being a huge year for him. Just last week he topped the Hype Machine Charts at #19 (Moiez – You Only Live Once) as I expect him to do the same this week with his new remix Sam La More – I Wish It Could Last (Moiez Remix). The future for Moiez looks bright as there is no denying the talent he brings to the table. I can’t wait to catch him live! Make sure to support Moiez on Facebook as he is a new artist taking off quickly!

-Alejandro Crisp

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Video: Harts – All Too Real

Harts is a solo act out of Melbourne that has recently been brought to my attention. How he has yet to pop up on my radar, until now, is beyond me, considering that I’m obsessed with Australian music and all. With his latest single, All Too Real, Harts pulls out all the stops, throwing in everything that makes up a spectacular pop song. You can never go wrong with a dancable beat, a catchy chorus, and sing-a-long verses. What’s even more impressive than just creating a good pop song, is that Harts plays every instrument himself. This guy has got some major talent. Harts’ five track EP, Offline, is planned to release later this year. If All Too Real is any indication, the Offline EP is going to be a must have whenever it drops.

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The Sweet Five

So every Wednesday you will now see a Sweet Five! What’s a Sweet Five you may ask? Well I’ll drop you five sweet songs that you should listen to once a week, that will help you get over your hump-day and set sail towards the ever-nearing weekend! Ready? Okay!

Frank Ocean – Sweet Life

So I pretty much named this piece after this song. Frank Ocean can pretty much do no wrong right now – and with the release of “Channel Orange” came floods of positive reviews and the world had it on repeat. This song brings all the joy out in the album. Feeling down? This is an ultimate mood changer, and will be stuck in your head all day. “The best song wasn’t the single” is very true.

Bravestation – Tides Of The Summit

The opening track of their album “Giants and Dreamers” and a title very fitting for this album. This song reflects a new-wave style that is simply sweet. I can only describe this song as a backing track to your dreams. If you find yourself swaying your head in a day dream at work, embrace it. This song will put a smile on your face.

The Wyld – Revolution

This song has already been featured on this blog, but as the proud Kiwi I am I shall rep what we are pumping out right now. If you like hip hop and a slice of indie – I can’t think of anyone that is currently blending it up better. Their debut album “Preface” is still new, and is the sort of album you can play at any time. If you wonder what is so good about this song and can’t actually put you’re finger on it, don’t worry. Neither can I, but it’s a track that needs to be heard.

Anchor & Braille – Hymn For Her

Ever since the Anchor & Braille debut album “Felt” released in 2009, I’ve been anxiously waiting for a follow up album. “The Quiet Life” released at the end of July and is a fine, fine album and this track is oh so sweet. When I first heard it, the mix of angelic vocals and with the powerful piano made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. It’s a song that could bring you to tears and make you smile at the same time. If you’re wondering why he sounds familiar – this is the side project of Anberlin’s Stephen Christian.

The Lighthouse And The Whaler – The Stars And The Trees

We all need some acoustic guitars and deep lyrics. Hum along, and tap your foot. Move your keyboard out of the way and get some air-piano playing down! “My oh my oh my, what a wonder” is a beautiful way to let your day get better. This up-tempo track gives me a sunny day when it rains. Mark your calendar for Sept. 18 because their second album “This Is An Adventure” releases!